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The Mighty Echoes were founded at the Olio Theater in Los Angeles in 1986 at the end of a long running musical by Harvey Shield 1284: The Pied Piper. Shortly thereafter they appeared on Who's the Boss as Tony Danza'a high school group the Dreamtones. This led to subsequent appearances on Murphy Brown, Family Matters, the MTV Superbowl Show, The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and a featured role as the singing firemen in the Dennis Quaid, Debra Winger film Wilder Napalm.

Over the years the Echoes have had the profound pleasure of performing with many greats from the pantheon of Rock and Roll, such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Richard “Louie Louie” Berry, The Shirelles, Little Anthony, The Coasters, The Penguins, Gene Chandler, The Dixie Cups, The DuPrees, The Crew Cuts, The Chordettes, The Diamonds, Miss Patty Page, The Four Seasons, Tony Orlando, The Moody Blues, Lou Reed and many more.

The Echoes, Harvey Shield, Charlie Davis, Jon Rubin and John Lathan consider themselves true brothers in harmony.   They feel extremely lucky and blessed to be great friends and to have maintained a family atmosphere all these years. Their true affinity for each other and the authentic Doo Wop style inspire their concerts and recordings in a way that sets The Mighty Echoes apart from the rest of the field.

    Charlie Davis first heard the sounds of Doo Wop harmony wafting up from the streets of Manhattan while hanging out of his third floor window on a hot summer night. It blew his 8 year old mind. Before becoming a Mighty Echo, Charlie was seen on stages across the nation, and was at various times an award winning producer and director, French fragrance executive, art importer, charter captain, ditch digger, Disco light show operator at Xenon, advance man for the circus, voice of God and Satan, and he was Spiderman. Charlie's unique low voice has become the rock solid “Bass” of the Echoes.

   Jon Rubin, raised in the raucous Berkeley of the 60s and 70s, left high school to pursue a career as a teen pop star. After scoring several hits with his group, The Rubinoos, Jon appeared on American Bandstand, in many teen mags, and toured the world. The Rubinoos are now considered the elder statesman of Power Pop. His soaring tenor has brought the Echoes wings to lift them to their exalted harmonies.

   John Hostetter
Founding member John's zany unpredictability enhanced the Echoes' shows from the beginning. His rich tenor was fantastic on songs such as My True Story and The Closer You Are. John worked with many of the greats during his 20 years as a film & TV actor in L.A. His Elvis in Aria is electrifying. He and Del relocated to Florida in 2001 and Keith Joe Dick became the new Echo..

   Joey Melore(1944-2012) Founding member Joey is from Queens, New York and began singing with Harvey, John & Charlie in the dressing room at the Olio in 1986. His performance as a Haystacker in Frank's Place is legendary. Sang with the Mighty Echoes til 1989 when Jon Rubin joined the group. Joey passed away on October 20, 2012. Rest in peace our brother in harmony.

    Harvey Shield began his career in Swinging London as the drummer in Episode Six, precursors to rock icons, Deep Purple. He traveled the world singing and playing before coming to the States in the mid 1970s. Soon after making L.A. his home Harvey was signed to Atlantic Records and wrote and recorded “The Way I Feel Tonight” which became an international hit for the Bay City Rollers. He has also composed for musical theatre, the ballet, the movies and has been the music supervisor of several films. As an actor he appeared with Pamela Anderson in the movie Barb Wire.

John Lathan was born in Alabama and grew up singing in church. He has entertained audiences worldwide from Broadway to Moscow. His powerful voice and stage presence propels the Echoes to new heights.

   Keith Joe Dick
KJD was raised on the shores of Lake Erie. He was a Rockabilly bandleader during his time in L.A. and has toured the world with Bruce Willis & The Accelerators.You can hear Keith on the Echoes third CD Doo Wop 'till You Drop and see him in rentable block-busters such as Breakfast of Champions. Keith and Dianne relocated to Ohio in 2003 and John Lathan became the latest Echo

   John Fluker
Born in Lansing, Michigan, He grew up listening to the sounds of his church's gospel choir and was soon honing his singing skills. An accomplished musician John was Gladys Knight's musical director for many years, has performed with other luminaries such as Dionne Warwick, Mavis Staples and Boyz II Men and is a vocal coach to the stars. His electric performing persona and powerful voice puts the cherry on top of The Mighty Echoes joyful sound.

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